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Get our knee program here: Plyometric exercises are a vital component of ACL rehab as a precursor for return to sport. But when is it safe to begin these exercises? What exercises should you [More]
ATHLETES! Want to sprint faster with training that works? Plyometric exercises are some of the most effective ways to train athletes in football, soccer, track and field, etc. to increase their agility, fast feet, and [More]
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The questions is simple do plyometrics build muscle? In this video I will go over just that. I talk about everything you need to know about plyometrics and set you up for the next few [More]
The ULTIMATE Vertical Training Program! Start DUNKING! Get the VERTICAL HANDBOOK here Today’s video is the PART 1 of our introduction to “Increasing your Vertical Jump!” Part 1 deals with “Mobility/Flexibility” and “Stability,” which [More]
Here’s how to jump higher and get more air on your mountain bike. Subscribe to GMBN: To get started, let’s go back to basics. To be good at jumping you need to be good [More]
β–ΊSubscribe to Gillette World Sport: World Sport continues to take a look at Olympic technique, as we join British Athletics senior high jump coach Fuzz Caan, and elite athletes Robbie Grabarz and Marco Fassinotti [More]
In today’s video, we’re showing you the FASTEST way to jump higher off one foot! If you’ve ever wanted to improve your 1 foot vertical, so you’re patting on layups, able to grab the rim, [More]
How to dunk under 6 feet tall? In this video I (Khurram Sultan) give my 3 tips on what to focus on before you start your vertical jump training! Being able to dunk at 5″10 [More]
In today’s video, Coach Steven Celi is showing you four of his BEST exercises to jump higher and DUNK fast! If you want to jump higher fast, but don’t lift weights or have a weight [More]
In today’s video, Coach Steve Celi breakdown his 40 Inch Vertical Workout that you can do at home! If you want a 40 inch vertical leap and are looking to dunk soon, then you need [More]
Take The Masterclass: These 10 vertical jump exercises are designed for basketball players who want to increase their vertical – dramatically. Pro performance coach Alan Stein demonstrates 10 vertical jump exercises for basketball players [More]
Starting my last training cycle before dunk camp! The focus this cycle is on max strength and building intensity, with a goal to match my back squat and deadlift PR at the end of the [More]
Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck used their science background to come up with the three best exercises to increase your vertical jump. These exercises will help you dunk or dunk better. Make [More]
Free 5 step Guide to Writing a Strength and Conditioning Program: Learn more about Program Design 101: Click here to Join the Strength and Conditioning Study Group on Facebook! Studying for the [More]
Plyometric drills have been shown to improve running economy in distance runners. The problem most runners have though, is knowing which drills to incorporate into their training. Use these plyo exercises to start developing more [More]
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This is my current plyometrics workout that would definitely help you to jump higher!
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