3 Simple Exercises To Jump Higher

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3 Simple Exercises To Jump Higher
Jumping higher can be achieved by anyone, as long as he is disciplined, persistent, and determined
enough. If you want to jump higher, there are certain things that you need to do for it. Always remember
that it would also require you to work hard for it, and depending on your present status, it would also
require time. Some of the most important things that you need to learn more about it though are the
exercises to jump higher. By doing the proper exercise routines, you will be able to strengthen the right
muscles groups, which will help you in jumping higher.
About that, here are some of the exercise routines that you should do, so that you can jump at
higher altitudes.
1. Jumping Rope – One of the muscle groups that you need to develop more to jump higher is the
leg muscles; and, a routine that you can do for it is the jumping rope. You may think that it is a very basic
and simple type of exercise routine; however, if you come to think of it, it is an exercise that will help you
increase your vertical jump. This is because this routine will train your muscles on executing the proper
jumping techniques. Aside from that, it will also help in developing your endurance, which will benefit you
in playing any kind of sport. In addition, you can practically do this routine anywhere you want, whether
you are watching TV, or enjoying your favorite music inside your room.
2. Abs Crunches – To jump higher, you also need to develop your core strength, and one of the
muscle groups that can help you achieve that is your abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles will
not just help you in jumping higher with better core strength, but it can also improve your balance, which
is another requisite in increasing the height of your jump. With a better set of abdominal muscles, you
won’t just be able to jump higher, but you can also perform better in different types of sports with it.
3. Deep Knee Bends – This is another routine that can help you develop the right muscle groups to jump higher. To perform it, all you have to do is simply bend your knees, and keep your
back as stable or straight as you can, while you try to crouch as low as possible. This will develop not just
your leg muscles, but your back muscles as well, especially if you erect your back in the process. If this is
a new routine for you, then you should start with a few repetitions first, and increase it gradually.
Keep in mind that these exercises to jump higher will require you to do the necessary stretching, just
like you would before you do any other kind of workout routine. By doing that, you will reduce the risk of
injury, and will ensure that you can target the right muscle groups to jump higher.
Choosing The Jump Higher Workout You Want
There are many things that you can achieve if you can jump higher, especially if you are involved
with certain types of sports. For example, if you love to play basketball, then you can easily dunk the ball
and impress your fans with it. Aside from that, you can also deflect or block someone in trying to shoot
the ball through the hoops. In playing volleyball, it would also help you execute blocking and spiking
effectively, to score points. About this, you must now be in search of ways to jump higher.
There are many exercise routines that you can follow to achieve it; and, when it comes to
choosing the kind of jump higher workout you want to get involved with, you should base it on
your preferences or in accordance to the kind of sport that you are playing.
One of the workout routines that you can consider doing to jump higher is called the Low Squat.
This type of exercise routine will help you build more muscles in your legs, which will provide you with the
power to lift your body higher. In this type of workout routine, you need to squat low on your toes, but you
have to ensure that your heels will not touch the ground. With the use of the balls of your feet, you have
to bounce up and down while maintaining the same position as much as possible. It is best to use a lot of
force when you are bouncing, and keeping your legs close to your chest will help you achieve that. You
have to start at lower numbers of repetitions, to avoid getting your muscles too strained. Once you
get the hang of it, you can increase the repetitions, to jump higher.
Another type of workout routine that you may want to use to jump as high as you want, is the
Squat Thrust. This is done by standing with your feet apart, and squatting low, in which your hands would
be touching the ground on the sides of your legs. With that position in mind, you have to kick your legs as
strong as possible, so that you can achieve greater heights. This type of routine can help you not just in
jumping higher, but it will also enhance your reaction time. Thus, this is a good routine to follow for
someone who is involved in the game of volleyball.
Skipping rope is a very simple workout routine, yet it can help you achieve a lot of things,
especially when it comes to jumping higher. The best part about it is that you can do this jump higher
workout almost anytime and anywhere you want. With these workout routines mentioned on top, you
should be able to decide which of the routines will help you achieve your goals better. Make sure to
execute them properly, so that you will be able to target the muscles that will help you achieve the
dreams that you have for your sporting career.


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