Can I Jump Higher If I Lose Weight?

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Clearly the answer to this is “Yes”, assuming I can maintain my power output. There’s been some recent interest in answering this question in the jump community, possible off the back of PFJ Performance releasing a “Fat Don’t Fly” program.

I tried two methods here and they were quite aligned, with the result that losing 5lb should see me gain 1inch on my vert, which is roughly equivalent to losing 1kg for a 1cm gain. I was surprised at how much my jumps suffered in the third round due to fatigue, so if I were to do this again I might do fewer jumps with a bigger weight difference, e.g. 3 trials of 0, +2kg, +4kg and +6kg

Someone commented on my video recently with “fat don’t fly!” and then followed up with “actually, you’re quite lean”. The truth is I could easily lose a few lbs, but from years of experience I feel a LOT more powerful at 71kg than I do at 68kg, meaning my power: weight ratio is more favourable at a higher weight. That’s really the trade-off here, fat might be dead weight but the lower your body fat percentage the more attention and precision is needed to make sure you’re losing fat not muscle.

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