Vertical Jump Workout! Do this to increase your vertical jump! Subscribe for more workouts!
Learn how to jump higher and improve your spiking approach with the 3 Step Approach Jump Technique, which is applicable to all positions! You will learn the proper footwork, distance, foot angles, and rhythm. ➡️ [More]
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In today’s video I cover the basics of elastic training while showing one of my workouts which include: stretch shortening cycles, augmenting force production, eccentric muscle contractions, and more! If you’re interested in having me [More]
Plyometric Exercises | at Home or Anywhere Hello everyone! Plyometrics are basically movements involving jumping with maximum effort! Plyometrics not only burn lots of calories in a short space of time, but improve your endurance, [More]
These are the best plyometric exercises for explosive power from Strength Coach Dane Miller. Learn how to Strength Train For Sports with the Sports Performance Bible! ???????????? ???? LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST ???????????? ???? [More]
5 Levels of Plyometric Exercises It’s important that athletes master each level before progressing to advanced exercises. 1: Snap downs and drop freezes. This is one I utilized as a high school Strength and Conditioning [More]
– Watch PART ONE Here: In this video we’ll explain how to you can Instantly Jump Higher off of One Leg by fixing your jump technique, and develop a more explosive One Foot Vertical [More]
Yes, you can INSTANTLY jump higher with this basketball vertical jump training! Keep in mind some players may need to build strength to see results in their vertical jump, so it may take some players [More]
How to jump higher for volleyball. These exercises focus on strength and stability to build a solid jumping foundation. Learning to jump properly will help you jump higher! ☆ SUBSCRIBE ☆ ↓ WATCH NEXT [More]
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5 Reasons To Add Plyometric Training To Your Fitness Routine Do you remember the days when you were still in school and had to take gym classes? Well, all of those activities your physical education [More]
Add Jump Squats to your jump training routine to increase your vertical! This video talks about the proper technique, what weight to use, and the benefits of jump squats. INCREASE YOUR VERTICAL JUMP, make sure [More]