Here’s how to jump higher and get more air on your mountain bike. Subscribe to GMBN: To get started, let’s go back to basics. To be good at jumping you need to be good [More]
The ULTIMATE Vertical Training Program! Start DUNKING! Get the VERTICAL HANDBOOK here Today’s video is the PART 1 of our introduction to “Increasing your Vertical Jump!” Part 1 deals with “Mobility/Flexibility” and “Stability,” which [More]
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In today’s video, we’re showing you the FASTEST way to jump higher off one foot! If you’ve ever wanted to improve your 1 foot vertical, so you’re patting on layups, able to grab the rim, [More]
How to dunk under 6 feet tall? In this video I (Khurram Sultan) give my 3 tips on what to focus on before you start your vertical jump training! Being able to dunk at 5″10 [More]
Take The Masterclass: Today Coach Alan is bringing you a video with one simple goal and that goal for the next time you hear someone say, “that kid has bounce” that they’re talking about [More]
This break down will allow you to understand some basic technical advice to acquire a higher vertical. this is only a snippet of what you can learn. if you want to become a better athlete [More]
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HOW TO DUNK JUMP HIGHER INCREASE VERTICAL INSTANTLY WITH THESE WORKOUTS This video will show you how to dunk jump higher and instantly increase vertical with some workouts
?✔️Jump higher with these 4 exercises?✔️vertical jump training ? Make sure you hit these 4 types of exercises every workout! ? ? Tag someone whom you will train with #verticaljump #basketballskills #lebronx #slamdunk #basketballtraining #basketballworkout [More]
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We put Ja Morant’s secret workout to the test. Is his workout legit?   Using Plyometric Exercises for Athletic Training When using plyometrics for sports, the athlete must learn to apply optimal strength in a [More]
Increase your vertical with these isometric Dunker Workouts. 5’8 Dunker teaching you how you can dunk yourself.
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CLICK HERE: and Learn How To Increase Your Vertical Jump. If you are involved in a sports like basketball, then improving your vertical jump is not only a benefit but a necessity. There are [More]
Jump Higher Exercises You Can Do At Home Having an improved vertical leaping ability means that you will also be able to score more points for your team, in the sports that you are playing, [More]
Want to start jumping higher today? You need to train the vertical jump technique! Olympic Strength Coach Dane Miller has trained multiple athletes above 38-inch verticals and is here to explain proper vertical jump technique [More]
In this video we go over techniques and drills that will help you run faster. We also have fun jumping over 50 inch hurdles. Thank you to dave @thespeedcenter for having us ? SUBSCRIBE ► [More]
Vertical – Subscribe here! Watch my Speed training playlist Follow us on IG: Like us on Facebook: Hit me up on FB: About Overtime Athletes: My passion is Speed [More]
Top 4 Exercises To Jump Higher, Get More Explosive and Dunk A Basketball! Get Your Free Instant Vertical Guide: Be Sure To Keep In Touch With Coach Andy ➤ Check him out on [More]
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