This vertical jump tip from Coach Celi shows you something that you can do to increase your vertical leap WITHOUT jumping once. If you want to jump HIGHER, this video is for you! It’s very [More]
How To Jump Higher And Further Off One Foot #Shorts
3 TRICKS To JUMP HIGHER in 2022! (Increase Your Vertical Jump Instantly!) In today’s video, Coach Rock from Revenge Basketball will show you a few tips that can help you jump higher faster. These are [More]
The Advanced Vertical Series Explosive – Speed – Strength – Muscle – Subscribe here! Watch my Speed training playlist Follow us on IG: Like us on Facebook: [More]
Utilize the Seated Box Jump drill to learn take-off and landing mechanics for jumping. Improve your vertical jump and explosive power. Its time to out jump the competition! Bring Out Your Athlete! Follow us on: [More]
Try this FREE Jump Training Workout you can do at home with only dumbbells and bodyweight exercises, and increase your vertical jump! This jump workout includes a full dynamic warmup, plyometrics, mobility, and strength development. [More]
LSU’s JuVaughn Harrison captured the high jump title at the 2021 NCAA outdoor track and field championships, despite an initial miss. Watch the Olympian’s jumps from the 2021 event here. Subscribe to the NCAA Championship [More]
πŸ“² Subscribe to @olympics: Canada’s Derek Drouin wins gold in men’s high jump in Rio 2016. Watch the whole competition! Athletics Integrated: Day 11 | Rio 2106: _____________________________________________________ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ #Beijing2022 replays: πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ [More]
In today’s video, Pro prospect New Williams shows you three of his “go-to” explosive exercises he uses to jump higher! If you’re looking for exercises or weight room lifting to jump higher than this video [More]
Add these 3 dills to your workouts to improve your one leg jumping ability. Get Our FREE 30-Minute Dribbling Workout By Visiting Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Crazy Easy At Home Drills to SKYROCKET Your Vert: Jump Higher Now! FREE Insta Vert Workout: In today’s video we have brought in Taylor Bateman, the Owner of OFFTHEFIELD.COM a company that specializes in [More]
Need to work on your jumping skills? Still can’t clear that big double at your local trails? Then check out Blake’s tips to improve your jumping skills. Subscribe to GMBN: Get exclusive GMBN gear [More]
One of the most important stages of the high jump is when the athlete takes flight. In this clip featuring Karen Gaita, assistant coach at East Stroudsburg State University, you’ll see how Coach Gaita trains [More]
Want to improve your Vertical Jump and jump higher for basketball or volleyball? You need to train explosive exercises for the vertical jump! Strength and Conditioning Coach Dane Miller breaks down his Top 4 Explosive [More]
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This detailed tutorial guides you through the process of learning to boost higher. It is designed for kiters are landing small jumps consistently. It covers: 00:00 landing technique needs to be mastered before jumping higher. [More]
After many requests from my Jump Progression Video, I’ve decided to make this video. These are the Top 3 Workouts or Lifts I do that has helped me improve my vertical jump. If you liked [More]
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Wsup guys, here is another workout video on how to help increase your jumping ability. This is a box jump workout with multiple exercises. Do it with your friends to challenge and motivate each other. [More]
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