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I just bought myself a brand new pair of Nike Air Force One shoes, and I could not be more excited about them. My custom Nike Air Force Ones are simply the coolest thing that I have seen in years. These ones are a special St. Patrick’s day addition, done in bright green and white. A retro-style look! Though I am tempted to save my Nike Air Force One shoes for my basketball matches, the thing is, I just can’t help keep them off of my feet.

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In fact, everybody who sees me cast a look of envy when they check out my Nike Air Force One shoes, because they know that I’ve got the cash flow to buy the nice threads. While there are some people who say it’s shallow, but I ask you, is it shallow to want other people to look up to you because of your nice clothes. Of course, it isn’t. For sure, there are some kids who aren’t down with my Nike Air Force One shoes, but they are strictly losers. There’s this one hippy kid who always is ragging on my swoosh because he says that it promotes sweatshops, whatever they are, but in fact, I think that he is just envious of my Air Force One sneakers. All he’s got is his “black spot” shoes, which he’s always showing off because he thinks the black spot is something exceptional. Yeah, whatever! Black spot is not the swish. And that swish is just what I have got on my Nike Air Force One shoes.

Surely it is not all about the style, or the performance of Nike Air Force One shoes, though that is part of it, in my opinion. I have never felt more comfortable in my game than since I bought my Air Force 1 shoes. Not only have they given me more confidence and agility but also more game all around than I have ever experienced before. Unlike black spot boy who has never even played. But in reality, what I love about my Nike Air Force One shoes is just being myself. As you see, that is really what it is all about. It is easy to be myself in my Nike Air Force One shoes because they are just what I am all about. But try telling that to one of those dorky kids, who always whine about the environment and foreign workers and crud like that. They are just too busy trying to impress others that they never get it!

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A complete guide to AIR FORCE ONES! An interactive site being launched by Nike on April 11th…a complete catalog of 929 AF1’s and much more… Remember you can already view the documentaries and more on the site NOW.

If the experience in itself of reliving the yesteryears regarding the Air Force 1 wasn’t good enough, Nike has done a good job of making this a very interactive website. They have included such features as “1Print” which allows you to actually create your own poster and purchase it. As well you can continually “add shoes” to your personal ongoing collection. It’s essentially a way of bookmarking your favorite AF1’s for you to share! Got a story about how you scored your first triple-double back in ’82 in those White/Grey Highs? Met your future wife wearing Goldenrod Jewel Mid’s back in ’99? There is an option to submit stories to Nike to share with all the other AF1 heads out there. Don’t worry I saved the best feature for last. The “Shoe of the Month” gives you the ability to vote for your favorite AF1 each month of 2007. At the end of the year the “Shoe of the Year” will get reissued!.


By approaching the development of the shoe in an equally practical as radical manner, Bruce Kilgore created a shoe design that proved for the first time that ‘functional’ could also mean ‘attractive and even ‘fashionable’ in the positive sense of the word. With an eye for detail and the soul of a traditional cobbler, Kilgore made Air Force 1 along the lines of the principle: everything that’s not absolutely necessary for the shoe to ‘function’ is left out. When Kilgore sat down to develop the shoe that would dominate the world for the next 25 years and more, he generated his vision from the dreams of basketball players all around the world and crafted a reality that had never been seen before.

Air Force 1 Athletes

A particular legend is, of course, the 6 basketball players who presented the first Air Force 1 in 1982: Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychael Thompson, and Calvin Natt.

Plus Charles Barkley, because no other player embodied the Force idea more than he did, who mercilessly fought for every chance and every ball to drive his opponents to desperation. His legitimate successors when he ended his career: David Robinson and Alonzo Mourning.

The youngest members in the Force family are Jermaine O’Neal, Nate Robinson, Tony Parker, Amare Stoudmire, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Rasheed Wallace, Vince Carter.

With the last six following the legendary six for the Air Force 1 anniversary and ushering in the new Air Force 1 era with their own models.

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