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Pros spill the beans on how they added 15 inches to their jumps

As a Vertical Jump Coach, the most common question I get is “Tyler, what is the best way to add inches to my vertical?”

The short answer is JUMP MORE, but more context is needed! This video takes a look at PPA Coach and Professional Dunker Connor Barth and his amazing jumping skill! Using the PPA Principles of Jump Technique I will break down the most important elements of technique to consider to jump higher! This video is NOT a science video, it’s a coaching video aimed to give you usable cues and strategies to jump higher, faster!

We routinely help athletes add up to 4″ of vertical in just 1 session with these cues!

1. Accelerate THROUGH your jump, not TO it.
2. PUSH through your penultimate stride
3. Stay TALL as you push
4. PUNCH your block foot

The key here is BEHAVIOURS, not angles or positions. Well it’s nice to understand the position and the science of a jump, this is not something you can think of during a jump. Instead, think PUSH-PUNCH!

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