How to Jump Higher (STEP BY STEP GUIDE!)

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Increase your vertical by training like an athlete

Learning how to jump higher can be confusing. Always focusing on what’s above you tends to make you forget to concentrate on what’s below you! You see, in order to increase your vertical jump and start jumping higher you have to focus on the ground.

In this video I show you a step by step guide for how to increase your jumping ability by improving your ability to:

1. Drive your feet into the ground harder
2. Drive your feet into the ground faster

When you increase your ability to push into the ground with more force you increase your vertical jump. Basic physics will tell you that forces are opposed in nature by an equal and opposite force. Push into the ground and the ground will push back essentially, allowing you to jump higher.

When you increase your rate of force production you tap into your bodies’ ability to produce more force due to elastic energy and the stretch reflex reaction.

In this video, I show you how to jump higher by giving you specific example exercises to increase your vertical and stretches to make it possible. There is no single exercise to jump high. You’ve got to plan a complete program that focuses on not just jumping exercises but overall body athleticism and development.

Learning how to jump higher requires that you train for maximum explosiveness in more than just your legs. You’ve got to have great core stability and even upper body flexibility (see why in the video). Throw in the joint mobility needed in your ankles and hips and you’ll see just how comprehensive you have to be in your jump training to be the best you can be.

Whether you’re training for the combine vertical jump test or just looking to learn how to increase your jump for basketball, football or any other sport, you’ll want to check out the ATHLEAN-X Training System. It’s used by today’s top pro athletes to become more explosive jumpers and it’s available at

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