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Want To Dunk Like Giannis?


Have you ever wondered why you are not jumping as high as your peers when playing basketball, volleyball, or in any other instances? Or have you seen people who are shorter than you but able to jump as high as or even higher than you? If you have and are seriously thinking about what you can do to help yourself jump higher, then you really should continue reading to find out some tips on jump higher. Imagine the things that you will be able to achieve if you can jump higher.


Training to jump higher can also help to keep you fit and healthy as it involves you performing various exercise routines. You will be developing your leg muscles, making them stronger and fitter, and will have more toned legs. Therefore, trying to jump higher certainly can bring you other benefits besides being able to help you perform better in sports. The different benefits of jump higher are further discussed below so do continue reading to find out more.


Why People Want To Jump Higher


People these days, even children, want to jump higher. There are actually a lot of possible reasons behind this. However, the most common reason for one to have the desire to leap higher than he could is for excelling in sports. If you want to jump higher, you must be involved in some kind of sport like basketball, volleyball, or even football. This is because there are a lot of things that one would be able to accomplish if he is able to jump higher while playing the game.


If you are involved with basketball or volleyball, you must be aiming to jump higher, so that you can perform better in the games that you and your teammates are participating in. In basketball, you will be able to dunk the ball, if you can jump high enough. Aside from that, it would also allow you to block your opponents from trying to shoot the ball into the hoop. This is because jumping higher will help in extending your arms as high or even higher than what your opponents can. Furthermore, if you can jump high enough, then it means that you have full control of your body, which will allow you to attain better balance while you are in midair.


As mentioned above, jumping higher does not only favor basketball players, but also other sports like volleyball. With volleyball, a player who cannot jump high will have a lot of limitations in terms of his functionality inside the court. In order for a volleyball team to be competent, its players should be able to jump as high as they can, since it will give them enough power to hit a spike, and be able to score more points. Just like playing basketball, jumping higher would also allow the players to block the offense of the other team.


If you can jump high, it goes to show that you are also very flexible, since you can comfortably carry your weight around. Thus, aside from becoming a valuable offensive player in volleyball, you will also be an asset to the team in terms of defense. This is because flexibility is very important, and it is needed for you to catch the ball or hit it when your opponents hit it back to your side of the court. Aside from that, your flexibility will also become a very big factor in setting up the offensive attack, which can overwhelm your opponent.


These are just some of the reasons why people want to jump higher. Aside from performing better in sports, most likely, a lot of people also want to jump higher since testing one’s limits can also be fun. In addition, when you try to jump higher, you will basically give your body the exercise that it needs to be in tip-top shape, which is just one of the benefits of doing so.

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Benefits of Jumping Higher


If you are wondering why a lot of your friends want to jump higher, then you should know that it offers a lot of benefits aside from the fact it can let you leap higher in midair. Knowing the benefits of jumping higher is actually a good idea, since it can become an effective source of motivation for yourself in order to achieve better results in whatever kind of physical activities you are involved with. Thus, if you are able to achieve better heights in leaping, you would be able to reap the following benefits:


Perform Better in Sports – Whether you are involved with volleyball or basketball, you will need to jump higher if you want to perform better in it. This is because jumping higher will enable you to do a lot of things. For basketball, jumping higher means that you will be able to dunk the ball and have more chances of scoring points for your team. When it comes to volleyball, it is the same, since spiking the ball from midair is one of the best offensive plays that you can come up with. Moreover, jumping higher would also allow you to play defense better in both of the above mentioned sports. This will basically make you one of the more valuable players of your team.


Improved Overall Health – Even if you are not involved in any kind of sports, you will be able to have better health, if you are able to jump higher. This is because aiming to jump higher would require you to perform certain types of exercise routines, which will not just help you leap higher, but will also develop your physical health better.


Improve Your Speed – When you try to jump higher, you will be building stronger muscles in your legs, as well as in different parts of your body. Since most of the muscles that would make you jump higher are found in your legs, you will also be making them stronger and fitter, and also good for running. Therefore, jumping higher also means that you will have better speed, which will make you fit to compete in other sports, as well as outrun your opponents when you play basketball.


Improve Physical Strength – Trying to jump higher will also improve your overall physical strength. This is because you won’t be able to leap higher without the necessary muscles to carry your body higher. Therefore, by achieving your goal of jumping higher, you will also develop better physical strength.


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