Jump Higher Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Jump Higher Exercises You Can Do At Home

Having an improved vertical leaping ability means that you will also be able to score more points for your
team, in the sports that you are playing, such as volleyball and basketball. Being able to jump higher will
allow you to execute a spike in playing volleyball more effectively, or doing a dunk in playing basketball.
However, if you still are not able to jump high enough, then all these things are still just a dream that is
waiting to get realized. If you want to achieve that dream soon, then you should learn more about various
jump higher exercises, which you can conveniently do at your own home.
First and foremost, before going through a workout program intended to increase your ability to jump
higher, you should make sure that you are following a healthy diet. If you do the necessary exercise
routines to jump higher, you may not be able to achieve your goals without the proper diet. This is
because your body will need the essential nutrients, to build muscles that will lift your body higher
in the air. Thus, you want to make sure that your diet includes foods that are high in proteins.
When it comes to the routines that you want to do to improve your leaping ability, one of which is the
jumping rope. Although jumping rope is a routine that one may consider a basic exercise, it will
help in training your body to leap higher. This is because this routine will have you jumping lots
and lots of time. Thus, you will be building the muscle groups, which are responsible for making you jump
higher. Aside from that, it will also build your stamina, which means that you will be able to maintain the
height of your jump for a certain period.

woman jumping near white wall paintAnother form of exercise that you want to do to increase the height of your leap is called the squat thrust.
To execute it, you need to stand with your feet apart, and squat as low as you can until you can
touch the ground with your hands. After which, you need to kick your legs to the ground, lift
your body, and jump. Upon jumping, you must lift your legs as high as you can as well so
that you can target the muscles that are responsible for jumping higher. This can be quite a strenuous
routine for people who have not done any working out in a while, which is why it is best to do just the
number of repetitions that you are most comfortable with and increase it gradually on a day-to-day basis.
These are the jump higher exercises that you can conveniently do at home, to improve your
leaping ability. If you are disciplined and determined enough in achieving your goals, then you should be
able to experience the results in just a short period.


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