Jump Higher Instantly 😱 WITHOUT WEIGHTS | Increase Vertical Jump Fast

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In today’s video, Coach Steve shows you how you can INSTANTLY jump higher withOUT needing weightlifting! πŸš€

ILB is an advocate for lifting weights, but due to the pandemic, many players simply don’t have access to the weight room or training facilities. πŸ‹οΈ

Not to mention, younger athletes may not be ready or have the no-how to lift weights. ❌

So this video explains in FULL how you can start jumping higher withOUT having to lift weights to do so. βœ…

If you want to increase your vertical jump fast- weight lifting is not the best way to do so, instead, jump technique is the FASTEST way to increase your vertical jump and jump higher as fast as possible. βœ…

If you want to add EVEN MORE inches to your vertical (for free) go grab Coach Steve’s 3 inches in 3 Minutes Jump Workout Here: β†’http://ilbelite.com/3in3


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