Jumping Higher, Kiteboard Tutorial (inc: landing, heli loops, launching, conditions & safety)

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This detailed tutorial guides you through the process of learning to boost higher. It is designed for kiters are landing small jumps consistently. It covers:
00:00 landing technique needs to be mastered before jumping higher.
04:50 how to launch a higher jump inc. holding an edge at increased speeds.
06:59 walk through of a 10m+ jump in medium wind.
08:41 how wind strength & water conditions affect jump height and risk level.

**NOTE**As you boost higher you are definitely at increased risk. These risks can be mitigated with lots of light-wind practice, and by maintaining your equipment in top condition.

Filmed using a rebel, which is flatter kite (not a C kite), as this improves glide and softens landings:

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