Letter To You…Earn a ‘3-Point License’ from Your Coach!

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Subject: Earn a ‘3-Point License’ from Your Coach!


Want a “3-point license”?

Want to have the “green light” from your coach to
pull up and shoot a three-pointer from any distance
and at any point in the game?

Then you need the License to Ball System as it
will show you exactly how to excel as a three-point


You know, becoming a great 3-point shooter isn’t
just a “nice to have” skill set anymore.

It’s an absolute must.

Whether you’re a 5’6″ point guard or a 6’8″ bruiser

… coaches are looking for players who can stretch
the defense by stepping out and knocking down the trey.

That’s why we’ve included an incredible step by
step training plan in the License to Ball System that’s
guaranteed to transform you into a lights out shooter!

It’s called the Three Point License… and it’s jam-packed
with 13 killer three-point shooting drills and training
tips, all demonstrated with easy instructions.

We’ll show you how to earn the “green light” from your
coach, so you can pull up and hit the three from any
spot on the floor… in any game situation!

* Spotting up off a skip pass? Money.
* Pull up trey in transition? Cash.
* Popping to the wing after a down screen? Bottoms.
* Against man to man? In your eye.
* Zone defense? Somebody better guard this guy!

In no time at all, you’ll be nailing long range bombs
from every spot on the floor, even if you can barely
make a free throw right now!

Start earning your “three-point license” today:

Right Here


P.S. Ever been “in the zone?”

You know, where you are making all your shots
and it seems like you just can’t miss

… for a basketball player few things feel better
than being in the zone.

Well, if you get License to Ball you better get
used to that feeling, because this system will
show you how to get in the zone more often
and stay there much longer!

Go here to see how…



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