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The strange thing about high jump is that the technique changed dramatically after 1968, when Dick Fosbury used his trademark flop to win the gold medal at the Olympics in Mexico City. Previously the scissors [More]
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Straight from Cape Town, Josh Emanuel joins us to answer your questions on approaching takeoff! In this episode, we break down bar and body position approaching takeoff, and how to handle extra power for maximum [More]
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Using Ankle Weights to Make You Jump Higher. Part of the series: LS – Weight Training. Using ankle weights to make you jump higher might not be the great idea you think it is. Use [More]
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Here’s how to jump higher and get more air on your mountain bike. Subscribe to GMBN: To get started, let’s go back to basics. To be good at jumping you need to be good [More]
►Subscribe to Gillette World Sport: World Sport continues to take a look at Olympic technique, as we join British Athletics senior high jump coach Fuzz Caan, and elite athletes Robbie Grabarz and Marco Fassinotti [More]
In today’s video, we’re showing you the FASTEST way to jump higher off one foot! If you’ve ever wanted to improve your 1 foot vertical, so you’re patting on layups, able to grab the rim, [More]