2 pros reveal secrets that will add 15 inches to your jump in just weeks If you’re a beginner or unfamiliar with plyometrics exercises, this will quickly help you get started and on the path [More]
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Pros spill the beans on how they added 15 inches to their jumps     Thanks to everyone who submitted videos for the subscriber jump technique breakdown!  
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Pros spill the beans on how they added 15 inches to their jumps     How To Jump Higher PT.2 (FAST RESULTS
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Wanna dunk but you’re too short? Short and sweet, Coach Alan is one of if not the premier strength and conditioning coaches in the world. And today, he’s bringing you 12 of his favorite exercises [More]
In today’s video, Coach Steve Celi reveals the “SECRET MOVE” that instantly unlocks HIDDEN vertical leap that’s inside of you right now! You’re capable of jumping higher today- and likely have the ability to unlock [More]
JUMP HIGHER with these 5 simple exercise you can do anywhere! Stay consistent with this workout and you will have a higher vertical in no time! https://gymoclockfitness.com/ Lets improve that jump height with the following: [More]
Wanna dunk but you’re too short? Who doesn’t want to jump higher?! NOW. INSTANTLY? In today’s video Coach Steve Celi shows you 3 Hacks that’ll have you jumping higher before you go to bed tonight! [More]
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Increase your vertical with these isometric Dunker Workouts. 5’8 Dunker teaching you how you can dunk yourself.
Try this FREE Jump Training Workout you can do at home with only dumbbells and bodyweight exercises, and increase your vertical jump! This jump workout includes a full dynamic warmup, plyometrics, mobility, and strength development. [More]
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Here are my personal tips to jump higher with kiteboarding. This video is focussed on flat water, but most of the tips also work for take offs on waves. Like, Comment & Subscribe to stay [More]
Learn how plyometrics develops strength and power, as well as preventing injury. For more information about Duke Sports Medicine, visit http://www.dukehealth.org/services/sports_medicine Want to get closer to the rim? Think you can't dunk? Think again Pro [More]