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This week, High Jumper for Team USA, two-time Olympian, and Silver Medallist from London 2012 Erik Kynard Jr. answers one of the biggest questions in High Jump means how you can learn to jump higher: [More]
Increase your vertical jump ability and understand the science behind Coach Pierre’s top 5 plyometric jump exercises that you can implement into your training regiment today to take GAME to the next level! – [Workout: [More]
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There is a common misconception in jumping that getting stronger is the only way to jump higher. When in fact, the only quick fix to jumping higher is tweaking or fixing your form. In this [More]
Every dancer wants to SOAR! We all want to fly in the sky during our big dance leaps and jumps- so we need to practice some exercises that will help us jump higher. My jump [More]
In today’s video, New Williams is showing you EXACTLY how to jump higher off ONE FOOT! Whether you’re a one foot jumper looking to maximize your vertical jump or a two foot jumper looking to [More]
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After many requests from my Jump Progression Video, I’ve decided to make this video. These are the Top 3 Workouts or Lifts I do that has helped me improve my vertical jump. If you liked [More]
Hello Everybody! In todays video I will be doing a very requested video on how to get your jumps higher! Enjoy!!! You can contact me at: My Instagram: Thank you guys so so [More]
Always wanted to dunk like a badass? Want to know how to jump higher? Learn the science behind the vertical jump and how you should train to increase your vert to improve your explosive power! [More]
Pros spill the beans on how they added 15 inches to their jumps     Wearing knee sleeves and ankle braces backward to help enhance knee extension and plantar flexion allowing us to put down [More]
Utilize the Seated Box Jump drill to learn take-off and landing mechanics for jumping. Improve your vertical jump and explosive power. Its time to out jump the competition! Bring Out Your Athlete! Follow us on: [More]
In today’s video, Pro prospect New Williams shows you three of his “go-to” explosive exercises he uses to jump higher! If you’re looking for exercises or weight room lifting to jump higher than this video [More]
This vertical jump tip from Coach Celi shows you something that you can do to increase your vertical leap WITHOUT jumping once. If you want to jump HIGHER, this video is for you! It’s very [More]
Simple Ways To Jump Higher If you want to improve your performance in a certain sport, such as volleyball or basketball, then you will need to jump higher, so that you will be able to [More]
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What are plyometrics and what is its. Purpose? Plyometrics also known as plyos or jump training are exercises that train the muscles in a maximum effort in a short period of time to improve power [More]
Want to start jumping higher today? You need to train the vertical jump technique! Olympic Strength Coach Dane Miller has trained multiple athletes above 38-inch verticals and is here to explain proper vertical jump technique [More]
In today’s video, Coach Steve Celi is showing you how to JUMP HIGHER Fast without even having to JUMP! It sounds CRAZY, I know, but trust me, this works! You can do these drills ANYWHERE [More]
Want to jump higher? Strength and Conditioning Coach Dane Miller breaks down the best Vertical Jump Exercises For Athletes that you can use to jump higher and improve your dunk! 💯💥Jump Higher with our VERTICAL [More]
Pros spill the beans on how they added 15 inches to their jumps Many volleyball players are slow to get off the ground when jumping. These athletes are often too weak, have poor technique, or [More]