Plyometrics Training With Duke Sports Medicine

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Learn how plyometrics develops strength and power, as well as preventing injury. For more information about Duke Sports Medicine, visit

Want to get closer to the rim?

Think you can't dunk? Think again

Pro baller Adam Folker and the world's most badass dunker Justin
Darlington has just revealed the exact process they use to
systematically transform ordinary guys like you and me into dunking
BEASTS with the precision of a Swiss watch

Always wanted to dunk like a badass?

It's kinda hard to believe this is possible but they've been doing
it for years and are finally pulling back the curtain on the system
they've been secretly developing.

Check out what all the insane hype is all about on this page

PS: There's a downright brain-melting video of Justin's crazy dunks
on that page so check it out.

2 pros reveal secrets that will add 15 inches to your jump in just weeks


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