The Best Plyometric Exercises for Vertical Jump, Explosiveness and Athleticism – 85 Variations

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Part of the training philosophy of R7 we use includes Reactivity in every training session. While we have coached over a 1,000+ athletes who all wanted and needed to improve their speed, reactivity, vertical jump, and explosiveness, and we’ve helped them do that with some of the exercises we share with you…

…we also use some variations of these with all clients as its crucial for them to develop reactivity, power, and speed even with the goals of losing body fat and building muscle – as that helps with injury prevention, developing performance, helping them reach their goals faster…and also becoming more athletic and physically capable.

Of the many benefits of plyometric training, some of the more recognized are increased vertical jump height, long jump, strength, improved running speed, and injury prevention. It’s probably easier to see how plyometric training can be used to improve athletic performance, but perhaps more difficult to see why plyometric exercises would benefit the non-athlete. Plyometrics is interchangeably termed reactive training. From this perspective, it is essentially about how the body interacts with ground surfaces. Being able to quickly respond to an unexpected change in surface when stepping off a curb, or to rapidly change direction when walking a dog on leash are possible examples clients may encounter. Begin with activities that focus on plyometric stabilization exercises, even using regressions.

We share 85 plyometric and reactive exercises here that you can apply into your programs.


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