Wanna Dunk Like Jordan?

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Wanna dunk like Jordan?

I don't know about you but ever since I was a little kid and first
saw Michael Jordan fly from the free-throw line, hang in the air
for what seemed like an hour and dunk the ball one-handed like a
BOSS, I was never the same.

From that moment I've always wanted to dunk - call it a childhood
dream I guess.
The only problem is I've never been the tallest or most athletic
player around. Sure, I'm good on the court and my ball skills are
tight, but I've never been THAT player. 

You know, the guy that everyone watches. That explosive freak 
of nature that will block a shot, steal the ball, sprint down the court 
and then reverse dunk making the other team look sad 

That was never me.

However, I've just been told that Justin 'Jus Fly' Darlington
(world's highest dunker) and Adam Folker (pro baller) have 
decided to release every single one of their secrets in a program 
they've used to add 32 inches in total to their vertical jumps.

So maybe this is my chance to finally dunk and yours too.

It's hard to believe they would even release something like this,
but here it is.

Pros spill the beans on how they added 15 inches to their jumps

Check it out for yourself.



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