What are Plyometrics and how do they work?

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What are plyometrics and what is its. Purpose?

Plyometrics also known as plyos or jump training are exercises that train the muscles in a maximum effort in a short period of time to improve power and speed this.

Doing plyometrics can really beneficial to a person because it trains the body to handle load much better which would improve balance and strength. Another reason to consider doing plyometrics is that you do not have to do extremely challenging exercises just to get better it comes down to a matter of proper progression and understanding who should be doing certain plyo exercises.

At the core of plyometrics the muscles are being forced into a eccentric contraction then immediately turned into a concentric contraction this would be called the stretch shortening cycle. So to put simple the muscles work like a rubber band and the after a certain amount of eccentric force the muscles fire concentricly.

Here is workout you can do that is a bit advance if you have never does these types of exercises I highly recommend you get a coach who is properly trained so you dont get hurt.

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